GB Precision Sharpening now offers clipper blade sharpening services for both salon and barber clippers as well as pet groomer clippers. Initial clipper blade sharpening training was at Huff’s Clipper Parts in Knox City, MO and that included the clipper repair class available from Huff’s.
This fall more training in clipper blade sharpening will be offered at the National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild Convention in Kansas City, MO. We look forward to increasing knowledge and abilities in clipper blade sharpening through the classes offered at that time as well as travelling to learn from other clipper blade teachers.
Presently, GB Precision Sharpening does not offer mobile clipper blade sharpening due to the size of the equipment required to sharpen clipper blades and request that you call GB Precision Sharpening to make arrangements to sharpen your clipper blades.