I use a conservative approach to sharpening knives. My philosophy is that as well as sharpening a knife to the edge you request I should do so by conserving the blade. Once steel is removed to create an edge it is gone and to create the edge you need with a minimum of metal removal is my objective. To do so I use a wet stone method that keeps the blade cool to protect the integrity of the metal and also prevents extra loss of metal from the blade.

In the event that you have a larger brush knife I will use a sharpening and stropping belt with your permission and also use a cooling gel to protect the blade from any overheating. Conversely if you have a blade too small to use with wet stone sharpening I use oil stone sharpening with the blade held in a jig to insure accuracy of the edge angle.

Now thanks to advances in belt sharpening methods I am pleased to offer controlled belt speed and angle controlled belt knife sharpening. The same benefits of temperature controlled sharpening to protect the quality of your knives integrity and cutting angles are now available. Order time is significantly reduced and customer satisfaction has remained high. Water stone knife sharpening is still available, but order turn around time is longer. Please ask to see the shop knives sharpened utilizing this new method and remember that you can still request the degree of sharpness you need.

Please also be aware that I do not sharpen any swords. Brush knives are the limit to blade length that I will sharpen.

Ceramic kitchen knife is available. I use two different levels of diamond coated sharpening equipment to provide the level of sharpness required.

Due to high demand for kitchen knife sharpening I have moved away from sharpening hunting and pocket knives to focus on home and production kitchen knife sharpening.